Today, we’re sharing with you three success stories guaranteed to warm your heart with fulfilment and inspire you to do good, whenever it’s possible. Get to know with us, Zahra*, Diana Suleiman, and Bayan.

*name was changed for privacy

Zahra* is one of the many women whom we, with the help of God almighty, were able to help her reach her success and transform her life to the better.

Zahra* first joined Al Nahda only seeking financial support. After further consultation with one of our experts, she joined some of our programs. The first program being one which educates mothers and their kids simultaneously. The program taught her how to communicate better with her children and, as she puts it, turned her into a better mother.

Her newly improved relationship with her children encouraged her to join the summer camp with her daughter which brought them further together and tightened their bond.

Ever since, she became a regular in Al Nahda and would join any program open to her.

Zahra* says that the program which impacted her and changed her life the most is the illiteracy elimination program which pushed her to go back to school and finish her education. She now looks forward to enroll in a university program.

Diana Suleiman got her chance with the Fursa program, through displaying strong ambition and passion towards learning and wanting to improve her training skills. She proved to Al Nahda that she is capable and that they made the right choice when picking her.

Bayan is an 18-year-old student. She joined Al Nahda as a beneficiary of the Mustaqbali project to plan out her future and work on improving herself. She also learnt how to be more in control of her emotions.